Reply to The Despicable Statements Made in London
by Dixie Chicks' Spokesperson Natalie Maines
(Note by JHD - May she use the freedom our military protect for her to look for a
NEW career! I think she is going to really need one! We REAL Americans are
sick and tired of 'American' public figures spitting on our country, our flag,
our troops, and our government, especially while on foreign soil!)

Patriotic Americans, Keep Boycotting Anything From The Dixie Chicks
Natalie Maines Is Still Running Her Big Mouth Against America!

Letter from radio station website in Lubbock, home of Dixie Chick who spewed
forth vitriol about our president, forwarded to us by a friend, Ron Perry.

Name: LT Layne McDowell

Date: 03/15/03 - Time: 01:54:49 PM

An open letter to the Dixie Chicks:

Earlier this week, while performing in London, you stated that you were ashamed that our President is from your home state. I wonder if you realized how many Americans would be listening. This American was listening. This Texan is ashamed that you come from my state.

I serve my country as an officer in the United States Navy. Specifically, I fly F-14 Tomcats off carriers around the world, executing the missions that preserve the very freedom you claim to exercise. I have proudly fought for my country in the skies over Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan without regret.

Though I may disagree wholeheartedly with your comments, I will defend to the death your right to say them, IN AMERICA. But for you to travel to a foreign land and publicly criticize our Commander in Chief is cowardice behavior. Would you have so willingly made those comments while performing for a patriotic, flag-waving crowd of Texans in Lubbock? I would imagine not.

How dare you pocket profits off songs about soldiers, their deaths and patriotism, while criticizing their Commander in Chief abroad, even while they prepare to give their lives to ensure your own freedom of speech.

Please ask yourself, what have you done to deserve that sacrifice?

Do not try to justify your comments by claiming that you made them only because you care about innocent lives. Never once in our history have we committed troops to war for the purpose of taking innocent lives. We do it to protect innocent lives, even yours.

If the world leaders of the late 1930's had the vision and courage of our present Commander in Chief, perhaps the evil men who caused the death of millions in WWII would have never had the opportunity to harm a soul. The potential loss of millions of lives in the future at the hands of today's evil men necessitates action.

In a separate correspondence, I am returning to you each and every Dixie Chicks CD and cassette that I have ever purchased. Never again will I allow my funds to support your behavior.

All you have done is to add your name to a growing list of American "Celebrities" who have failed to realize that they have obtained their successes on the backs of the American blue-collar workers such as our servicemen and women.

Special Note To Natalie Maines:

This Texan, this American, will continue to risk his life to guarantee your freedoms.

What will you do to deserve it?