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By Pastor Ron Thomas
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Our Victorious Christian - Check List - - - Be sure to forgive.

Text: Colossians 3:12-14

The leaders of Israel led their nation in a prayer that claimed Elohay Selichort, as the God who is ready to forgive. We all get hurt. The challenge of life is our____________ to these hurts and offenses when they find themselves on our doorstep.

The victorious Christian life, is a focused, determined, obedient, self-evaluating, self-denying way of ____________ and living.

Our Victorious Christian Check List

I. Put To Death Category.

1. “Fornication”. This refers to _________immorality.

2. “Uncleaness”. This speaks of impurity, the contamination of our character that comes from loose thinking and loose __________.

3. “Inordinate affection”. This is a state of mind that excites _________ impurity.

4. “Evil concupiscence”. The word “evil” speaks of that which is ____________ and injurious. The word “concupiscense” is a desire, a craving, a ________ for what is forbidden.

5. “Covetousness”. This is the sin of wanting more, never being satisfied or __________ with what we possess.

II. Put Off And Put Away Category.

As Christians there are some attitudes and actions we must put off and put away!

1. “Anger, wrath, and malice”. The word “anger” describes a long lasting anger that won’t be pacified. The word “wrath” describes a flash pan, quick rising __________. “Malice” describes a viscous mind that is looking to ________ and injure others when the opportunity presents itself.

2. “Blasphemy”. This is slanderous speech which includes gossip. Before you speak, ....think. Ask yourself: T Is it true? H Is it helpful? I Is it inspiring? N Is it necessary? K Is it kind?

3. “Filthy communication”. This is foul speech, coarse humor, obscene language or ________________.

III. Put On For Display Category.

1. “Bowels of mercies”. This is a deep sensitivity to the needs and sorrows of ____________.

2. “Kindness”. This is the art of being “dear” to someone, and having a good heart toward others.

3. “Humbleness of mind”. A humble person is willing to forfeit personal __________ for the sake of others.

4. “Meekness”. A meek person is _____________.

5. “Longsuffering”. It refuses to respond to those who hurt us or have failed us, in a short, impatient, resentful manner.

6. “Forbearance”. This is the ability to bear up, to stand up straight and stand ________ under pressure to give in or give up.

7. “Forgiveness”. The word literally means to________ or send away.

Forgiveness overcomes and releases negative emotions such as resentment, anger, hatred, bitterness, revenge, and substitutes them with a more positive set of emotions.

Why is it important for us to forgive those who have offended or hurt us?

1. We forgive because forgiveness is ____________. Luke 17:3-4

2. We forgive because it is consistent with our profession of faith as ________________. This reflects God’s character. Colossians 3:13b

3. We forgive because we have been ____________ a great debt of sin. Verse 13.

4. We forgive because it is the door to our own ___________ and physical healing.

What does forgiveness involve?

1. Forgiveness involves receiving God’s enabling ___________ that is necessary for us to forgive.

2. Forgiveness involves releasing any desire for ___________ or retaliation.

Is forgiveness instantaneous or is it a process? __________

In many cases, forgiveness is a time process. Speaking words of forgiveness is important, but it often involves a healing process that often takes time to complete. We must continually remind ourselves that we have ____________ and immediately confess our need to release those thoughts and feelings yet again.

Someone said, “Forgiveness means totally giving up the hope that the past will be different.”

8. “Charity”. Verse 14. The word means love. Paul speaks of “charity” or the ________ of God as a piece of clothing that brings everything together and makes it work!

Your ability and determination to “put on” all the Christian virtues listed above, is directly connected to the proportion of your love for God.

Your _________ for God should be so great, it motivates you to aspire to live above this world’s values and expectations; it’s actions and attitudes!

What needs to be changed in your heart and life?

Pastor Ron Thomas, Rodgers Baptist Church, September 6th, 2008

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