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Brother Ritechus N. Dignation - Sayin's
By Joseph Harris
Used by Permission

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Makiní Preachers


As a follow up on talkiní about the need of a preacher to be called of God, thereís something else that needs straighteniní out and thatís concerning the education of the preacher. Some folks glory in the ignorance of a preacher and donít think he should darken the door of a Bible college or seminary. Now sometimes, they are right, but thatís only because so many schools nowdays have strayed away from teachiní the unadulterated truth. But if a God called man gets a chance to go to a good, sound institute or school, then heís a brick shy of a load if he doesnít take advantage of it.

The problem with the thinking of some folks is that a man goes to school to ďmake a preacher.Ē Well, schools donít make preachers, God does. He calls them and the calliní of God on a man is as important for him in preaching as a cat having a climbing gear. I mean itís necessary. And there have been many great God called men with no formal training who could preach circles around Dr. Doodledigger from the Ragwood Institute. However, thereís nothing wrong with a good Bible college or seminary. The call is more important than the college, but the college is important too.

Whenís thereís a job to do, a smart man will use every tool available. Would you rather hoe a corn row with a dull hoe or a sharp one? If you saw a man trying to cut a board with a pocketknife, when a saw was within reach, why you would think he was stark raviní mad for not using the right tool. Sound doctrinal Bible teachiní and classes on understanding the Bible and pastoral ministry are tools. They donít make a preacher, but they can help make a better preacher.

If nothiní else, a little learniní can help the preacher become all things to all men, and Iím not talkiní about compromising, Iím talking about being well rounded and knowing how to stand in the pulpit and not murder the English language. (Of course, I know many a preacher whoís well rounded from too much fried chicken, but now Iíve gone to meddliní). Preacher, when God calls you, then you are officially Godís representative and you wouldnít want anyone to misrepresent you. Every preacher is obligated to be the best he can for God, and go the third mile if necessary, to present God effectively to people that God ďmight by all means save someĒ to quote a well educated preacher from the Bible, Brother Paul. And remember, when Festus told Paul, ďmuch learning doth make thee madĒ, that was nothing more than a lost manís opinion.

Even I went to the institute and got educated a little, yet I sometimes make an English teacherís toenails curl. So when folks point out my ďainítsĒ and dangling participles, I just remind them that Iíve come a long way over a shaky bridge. They should have heard me before I went to school. At least I went.

Joseph Harris, has been a college professor and pastor since 1987 and his writings have appeared in Mississippi Baptist, WND, Sword of the Lord, Intellectual Conservative, Conservative Daily News, Canada Free Press, Land of the Free, News America Daily, and the European Union Times. The writings of Joseph Harris are based on his beliefs and views and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs and views of anyone or any institution with which he is connected.

Copied From Joseph Harris @: http://www.miniedition.net -- Used By Permission

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