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Brother Ritechus N. Dignation - Sayin's
By Joseph Harris
Used by Permission

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Out of My Mind # 1


Over the years I have been accused of being out of my mind and at times it may have been true. Well here are a few quotes I have written and one thing is for sure, they came straight out of my mind. Since I have been able to find a couple of minutes to sit down, I am going to send a few out.

***When someone throws bricks at you, take them and build a platform to raise yourself higher than your adversary.

***When taking a firm stand for God, never underestimate your enemy the devil: he doesn't play around. But take heart in the battle: neither does God.

***I agree with your right to disagree with me and will help you defend that right, but will not stand by passively while you shove your opposing views down my throat.

***I'm glad as Christians we are the salt of the earth. When we occasionally have to eat crow, it helps the taste.

***It used to be you knew who the bad girls were: they were few and stood out. Now days you know who the good girls are.

***When people mistreat you, stay focused. It doesn't matter so much how they act as how you react.

***Adding more taxes to the American people is like putting extra udders on a cow's milk bag; you may be able to get the milk faster, but the amount of milk in the bag does not increase.

More to come when I have a minute.......

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Joseph Harris, has been a college professor and pastor since 1987 and his writings have appeared in Mississippi Baptist, WND, Sword of the Lord, Intellectual Conservative, Conservative Daily News, Canada Free Press, Land of the Free, News America Daily, and the European Union Times.

Copied From Joseph Harris @: http://www.miniedition.net -- Used By Permission

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