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Harris (Guest Editorial by Brother Ritechus N. Dignation)

(Brand New Writin' by Brother Ritechus N Dignation)

Hypocrites probably do more damage to the Lord's churches than anyone or anything else. Jesus had some choice names for hypocrites, such as vipers, and even used language calling them the children of hell. Matt. 23:15. Now all Christians at some point have some measure of hypocrisy when their walk and their talk is a mite out of step at times, but hypocrites as described in the Bible are usually professors who don't possess. I am amazed at the people who think that a little walk down the church aisle, shakin' the preachers hand and doing a repeat-after-me prayer, is all it takes to do the trick. These goldbricks never darken the door of the church again, but at their funeral the preacher will say, "I know he was saved because he made a profession of faith." Well, a profession with no possession ain't worth spit. Seems I remember reading' that "If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away, behold all things are become new." II Cor. 5:17

These hypocrites are just the kind of church members the lost world is looking for as their example. Then they can point out their ungodly living and say, "Well if he's saved with his ungodly living and his profession, then I'm saved with no profession and better living." When you invite them to church, they love to say, "Preacher, I ain't coming to your church because you got hypocrites there." Well, that's clear as mud. They won't go to church with hypocrites, but will rub shoulders with them at Wal-Mart, the shoe store, gas station and everywhere else in town. My answer to their reasoning is, "Well, I would rather go to church with a few hypocrites in this life, than go to hell with all of them for an eternity."

Sure, there are hypocrites in churches and some are runnin' over with them, but it's hard to see how a sane thinkin' man would let others determine what he does with God. Hypocrites in church may be a reason why some folks stay away, but brother, it's only a reason and not a valid excuse.

Brother Ritechus N Dignation

Copied From Joseph Harris @: http://www.miniedition.net -- Used By Permission

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