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73. Our Hiding Place.

A man shall be as an hiding place from the wind, and a covert from the tempest. - Isaiah 32:2.

G0D'S best blessings to men have usually come by men.

When our Lord ascended on high, he received gifts for men, and these gifts were men (Ps. 68:18; Eph. 4:8, 11).

Immense boons have come to nations by kings like David, prophets like Samuel, deliverers like Gideon, lawgivers like Moses.

But what are all good men put together compared with THE MAN, Christ Jesus? We are now to view him as our shield against ten thousand ills: the hiding place and covert of his people.

Let us consider that:


l. Mysterious hurricanes within, which cause the most dreadful confusion of mind. Winds, whose direction is uncertain, shaking everything, creating unrest and distraction. Frequently no definite cause can be assigned for them; the cause may be constitutional, or physical, or circumstantial.

2. Overwhelming tempests of spiritual distress on account of sin, wrong desire, conscious declension, unbelief, etc.

3. Fierce blasts of temptation, insinuation, suggestion, denunciation, etc., from Satan.

4. Wild attacks from human enemies, who taunt, slander, threaten, etc. David was wont to use this refuge. He says, "I flee unto thee to hide me" (Ps. 143:9).

5. Trying gales of temporal losses, bereavements, and other afflictions.

6. Above all, the storm of divine anger when we have grieved the Holy Spirit, and lost communion with God.

None of these winds and tempests are we able to bear: our only safety lies in getting out of them by finding a shelter where God has provided it (Isa. 25:4; 26:20; Ps. 32:7).


1. As truly man.

Sympathizing with us, and

Bringing God near to us.

2. As more than man, ruling every tempest, covering every feeble traveler, as within the cleft of a rock.

3. As Substitutionary Man, interposing, breasting the storm for us, hiding us by being weather-beaten himself.

4. As Representative Man, more than conqueror, and glorified.

In him we are delivered from divine wrath.

In him we are covered from Satan's blasts.

In him we dwell above trial by happy fellowship with him.

In him we are victors over death.

5. As Ever-living Man: we live because he lives, and thus we defy the tempest of death (John 14:19).

6. As Interceding Man. He says, "I have prayed for thee," when Satan is seeking to destroy any one of us (Luke 22:32).

7. As the Coming Man. We dread no political catastrophes, or social disruptions, for "he must reign." The end is secured: "Behold, he cometh with clouds" (Rev. 1:7).


1. Let him stand before us, interposing between us and the punishment of sin. Hide behind him by faith.

2. Let him daily cover us from all evil, as our Shield and Protector (Ps.119:114).

3. Let us enter info him more and more fully, that we may be more hidden, that he may be more known to us, and that we may have a fuller sense of security. O you that are out of Christ, the tempest is lowering! Come to this covert; hasten to this hiding place!

He is an effectual shelter, tried and proved.

He is an open refuge, available now, for you.

He is a capacious hiding-place: "Yet there is room." As in Adullam all David's army could hide, so is Jesus able to receive hosts of sinners.

He is an eternal covert: our dwelling-place throughout all generations.

He is an inviting shelter, because he is Man, and therefore has compassion towards men, and a joy in their salvation.

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