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The Little Baptist

Suitable For All Age Groups


First Published In 1848

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[Little Baptist]

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: This story brings out in a Biblical and yet kindly fashion what the Bible teaches about baptism, the Lord's Supper or "communion", and various other important points. At the time the book was written there were only two forms or standard doctrines about "communion observance" or as we commonly say now "observing the Lord's Supper." The common terminology and belief was either "open communion" and "close or closed communion" (only two distinct forms or doctrines). Generally speaking in those days, "open" meant any Christian was invited to partake. And, (generally speaking) in those days "close or closed communion" meant what moderns now call "closed communion," that is only members of the local body were invited or expected to partake of the Lord's Supper, and then only after solemn self examination. - JHD

 Preface To The Little Baptist.  Chapter 1 - The Surprise.
 Chapter 2 - The Parents.  Chapter 3 - Conversation About The Bible.
 Chapter 4 - Mellie At School.  Chapter 5 - Doing Good For Evil.
 Chapter 6 - Mellie At Home, The Baptist Meeting.  Chapter 7 - The Investigation.
 Chapter 8 - The Country, Dr. Farnsworth's Visit, Bible Pictures  Chapter 9 - Reflections, Conversations, Visitors
 Chapter 10 - The Country School, Mrs. Brown's Mental Agitations  Chapter 11 - Baptismal Regeneration, Mellie's Conversion
 Chapter 12 - Discussion Of Baptism  Chapter 13 - The Church Trial, Strange Visitor
 Chapter 14 - The Saturday Meeting, Family Consultation  Chapter 15 - Sunday, The Sermon, The Baptism
 Chapter 16 - Communion  Appendix, Various Notes

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