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Illustrative Stories - Some Authors Unknown

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 Get A Life - Good Advice  The Pastor, Bad Weather, Little Boy And The Last Tract Distributed
 There Comes A Point In Life  So You're Going To Quit?  Twenty Clever Aphorisms
 Having Lunch With God  Please Take Me!!  Ant & The Contact Lens
 How Old Is Grandpa?  Who Packed Your Parachute?  A Child's Explanation of God
 The Hand  Professor Has No Brain  H m m m . . . I Wonder?
 A Man and His Pit  The Footsteps of Death  A Soldier or An Angel?
 The Builder  What Really Matters Most  Annoying Pulpit Mannerisms
 The Fence & Bad Temper  Two Choices in Life  What Cards Are In Your File?
 Pithy Paragraphs- Part 1  Funny Isn't It?  Pithy Paragraphs- Part 2
 Handling Disappointment!  Ten Most Wanted Men  A Real Teacher's Impact
 True Worshipers!  The Painting  Information, Please . .
 My Fathers Eyes  Paid in Full Gift  ABOUT THE BIBLE
 God's Embroidery  How Proud Frog Fell  The Master & The Novice
 The Unmoved Rock  Rich Family In The Church  Stranded on The Highway