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Illustrative Stories - Some Authors Unknown

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DISCLAIMER -- We assume no liability for absolute accuracy of any "facts," "statistics," "stories" or "anecdotes" we cite on our webs -- many are illustrations, allegories, or parables. If you plan to use as a "proof argument," verify if it is a true story or just an illustration. Submissions may be emailed to: Jim Dearmore, Webmaster

 Generous Lawyer Feeds Hungry  Who Are The Mockers ? ?  Quick Summary Of Life
 Serving God Or Monkeying Around?  What Is Faithfulness?  Real Godly Influence
 What Do YOU Get Out Of Church?  America's Christian Roots  An Interview With God
 The Doctor, The Lawyer & The Pastor  Telling God To Get Out  An "Aussie" Story
 How Much Is A Miracle?  Resume Of Jesus Christ  The Storm
 From The Desk Of God  Pinewood Derby  Vocation Prayer
 You Are My Sunshine  Laus Deo - Under God  He Is God
 Buy The Milk or Are You An Angel?  Mountain Climber And Faith  Under His Wings
 How Much Does A Prayer Weigh?  Angel On The Highway!  Memo From God
 God's Mysterious Ways and Work  God Created The Teacher!  The Matchless Pearl!
 Great Story About John, Billy, and Stuart Hamblen

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