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 Grace Baptist Church, Dubuque, Iowa  Country View Baptist, Ulysses, KS
 Northeast Baptist Church, Southlake, TX  Bible-Way Baptist Church, Hamilton, OH
 Highland Baptist Church, (near) Dublin, TX  Calvary Baptist Church - Burkburnett, TX
 Country Baptist Church, Yreka, CA  Pray For These Gospel Ministries
 Bethel Baptist Church, Lawton, OK  Glenwood Baptist Church - Deer Park, TX
 Temple Baptist Church, Hot Springs, AR  Chegoggin Baptist Church, Yarmouth, NS
 Edmond Rd. Baptist Church, Edmond, OK Southside Baptist Church, Kaufman, TX
 Lake Worth Baptist Church, Ft. Worth, TX  Rodgers Baptist Church, Garland, TX
 Chena Valley Baptist Church  Lakeway Baptist Church, Humble, TX
 Berean Baptist Church, Houston, TX  Heritage Baptist Church, Pueblo, CO
 New Hope Baptist Church  Plack Road Baptist Church
 Empire Baptist Temple, Sioux Falls, SD  Midway Baptist Church, McKinney, TX
 Missionary Brian Hughes Family, Alaska  Missionary Kris Minefee, Flagstaff, AZ
 Lester Hutson Ministries, Sermons, Newsletters Follow The Light Blog - Larry Jones
 Go To Biblical Patriot Web Site  Baptist Landmarks - Defending The Faith
 9 Yrs Free Devotions, Gospel Web  Facts About Muslims
 Cindy Wyatt: Poetry About Jesus & Salvation  Lynn Wallace: Read Her Web, Order Her Book
 Samaritan Ministries Medical Sharing  Medi-Share (Christian Medical Sharing)
 Open Doors - Latest On Martyrs  Creationist's Defense of KJV
 More Outward Links To Come  Current News Of Interest To Christians
 ProLife America Site  Amazing Bible Site Link
 Free Bible Crossword Puzzles  Voice of The Martyrs Web Site
 Ancient Baptist Books & Journal  Defense Of Bible & Creationism
 Bible Database -- Advanced Bible Search  Online 1611 King James Version Bible
 E-Sword of the Lord Download  Matthew' Henry's Commentary
 The Trail of Blood by Dr. J.M. Carroll  Bible Browser (Various Translations)
 Goodly Heritage Quartet   Cyber Hymnal. 1000's of Christian Hymns & Gospel Songs from many Denominations
Lyrics, MIDI files, scores, searchable, free downloads. NOT A Theology Guide.
  Westside Baptist Church, Newnan, GA  
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