C. H. Spurgeon
"Index #" = Vol. # In MTP And "Sermon #" Indicates Sermon # In The Whole Of Spurgeon's Sermons.

Although I do not agree with Mr. Spurgeon in every jot and tittle, (and some bigger than jots and tittles) I love his writing, and have copies
of nearly all in my library. I consider Spurgeon to be the greatest preacher in history since New Testament Days, and also the greatest
public speaker on the Bible or Religion in the History of the World, except for the Lord and a few OT Prophets And NT speakers.

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The Gospel 24/7
 Are You Feeding Sheep Or Entertaining Goats?
 1637-The Beginning Of Months  1638-Men Without Heart, Sight, Or Hearing
 1639 Acceptable Service  1640 The Touch
 1641 Great Spoil  1642 VERILY, VERILY
 1643 Our Lord's Trial Before The Sanhedrin  1644 Our Lord's First Appearance Before Pilate
 1645 Our Lord Before Herod  1646 A Home Question and A Right Answer
 1647 The Dream of Pilate's Wife  1648 Pilate And Ourselves Guilty
 1649 FRESHNESS  1650 God's Fatherly Pity
 1651 A Delusion Dispelled  1652 The Singing Pilgrim
 1653 The Resurrection Of Our Lord Jesus  1654 At Your Word
 1655 The Blessed Guest Detained  1656 My Solace In My Affliction
 1657 My Hourly Prayer  1658 Healed Or Deluded? Which?
 1659 A Feast For The Upright  1660 The Perpetuity Of The Law Of God"
 1661 Praying And Pleading  1662 The Indwelling & Outflowing Of The Holy Spirit
 1663 The True Gospel Is No Hidden Gospel  1664 JEHOVAH-ROPHI
 1665 The Exceeding Riches Of Grace  1666 The First Recorded Words Of Jesus
 1667 Love And I -- A Mystery  1668 The Still Small Voice
 1669 Teaching For The Outer and Inner Circles  1670 One Lion, Two Lions, No Lion At All!
 1671 The Value And Rank Of The Believer  1672 The Voice Behind You
 1673 Who Is This?  1674 Brought Up From The Horrible Pit
 1675 Out Of Egypt  1676 Despair Denounced And Grace Glorified
 1677 A Great Mistake And Way To Rectify It  1678 The Samaritan Woman And Her Mission
 1679 One War Over And Another Begun  1680 Bochim -- Or The Weepers
 1681 Shutting, Sealing & Covering-Messiah's Glorious Work  1682 Ask And Have
 1683 The Great Cross-Bearer And His Followers  1684 Feed My Lambs-A Sunday School Sermon
 1685 God's Non-Rembrance Of Sin  1686 With The Disciples On The Lake Of Galilee
 1687 The Law Written In The Heart  1688 Stand Fast
 1689 The General Convocation Around Mt. Zion  1690 Chariots Of Iron
 1691 Christ's Word With You  1692 Without Carefulness
 1693 That Horrible East Wind  1694 The Use Of The Bow
 1695 The Orphan's Father  1696 The Bird Escaped From The Snare
 1697 The Word Of A King  More Sermons From Spurgeon Soon
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