C. H. Spurgeon
"Index #" = Vol. # In MTP And "Sermon #" Indicates Sermon # In The Whole Of Spurgeon's Sermons.

Although I do not agree with Mr. Spurgeon in every jot and tittle, (andsome bigger than jots and tittles) I love his writing, and have copies
of nearly all in my library. I consider Spurgeon to be the greatest preacher in history since New Testament Days, and also the greatest
public speaker on the Bible or Religion in the History of the World, except for the Lord and a few OT Prophets And NT speakers.

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The Gospel 24/7
 Are You Feeding Sheep Or Entertaining Goats?
 2237 Gratitude for Deliverance from the Grave  2238 Thou Art Now the Blessed of the Lord
 2239 Is God in the Camp  2240 A Challenge and Shield
 2241 A Stanza of Deliverance  2242 God's Will About the Future
 2243 His Own Funeral Sermon  2244 Members of Christ
 2245 Living, Loving, Lasting Union  2246 Come From the Four Winds, O Breath!
 2247 Praise for the Gift of Gifts  2248 Sad Fasts Changed to Glad Feasts
 2249 Even Now  2250 Words to Rest On
 2251 Our Compassionate High Priest  2252 The Unknown Giver and the Misused Gifts
 2253 The Perseverance Of Faith  2254 The Two Guards, Praying & Watching
 2255 God Justified, Though Man Believes Not  2256 Daniel's Band
 2257 Inexcusable Irreverence And Ingratitude  2258 Where Is the Lord?
 2258a Exposition - Isaiah 63-64  2259 Simplicity & Sublimity of Salvation
 2259a Exposition - John 1:1-34  2260 Christ's Hospital
 2260a Exposition - Psalm 147  2261 One Worker Preparing for Another
 2261a Exposition - 1 Chron. 21:25-30; 22  2262 Christ's Curate In Decapolis
 2262a Exposition - Mark 5:1-29  2263 Christ's Plea for Ignorant Sinners
 2263a Exposition - Luke 23:33-46 John 19:25-30  2264 Sowing in the Wind, Reaping Under Clouds
 2264a Exposition - Ecclesiastes 11-12  2265 Harvest Joy
 2265a Exposition - Isaiah 49:13-26  2266 Blessing for Blessing
 2266a Exposition - Ephesians 1  2267 Life from the Dead
 2268 A Question For Communicants  2269 Impotence And Omnipotence
 2270 Two ďI WillsĒ In Isaiah 41  2271 Alone, Yet Not Alone
 2272 Longing To Find God  2273 Fickle Followers
 2274 Godís People Melted And Tried  2275 Belief, Baptism, Blessing
 2276 Forgiveness, Freedom, Favor  2277 Sycharís Sinner Saved
 2278 Feeding On The Word  2279 Joy Hindering Faith
 2280 Godís Handwriting Upon David  2281 Our Lord In The Valley Of Humiliation
 2282 Davidís Prayer In The Cave  2283 Christís One Sacrifice For Sin
 2284 Clear Shining After Rain  2285 Paul, The Ready
 2286 An Ancient Question Modernized  2287 If There Is No Resurrection
 2288 The Empty Place - A Christmas Day Sermon  END Vol. 38 - MTP Vol. 39 In Progress
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