C. H. Spurgeon
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Although I do not agree with Mr. Spurgeon in every jot and tittle, (and some bigger than jots and tittles) I love his writing, and have copies
of nearly all in my library. I consider Spurgeon to be the greatest preacher in history since New Testament Days, and also the greatest
public speaker on the Bible or Religion in the History of the World, except for the Lord and a few OT Prophets And NT speakers.

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 Are You Feeding Sheep Or Entertaining Goats?
 3493 Daily Blessings for God's People  3494 Divine Destruction and Protection
 3495 The Judgment Upon Zacharias  3496 Our Glorious Transforming
 3497 A Solemn Embassy  3498 God's Gentle Power
 3499 The Bliss of the Glorified  3500 Two Coverings and Two Consequences
 3501 The Feast of the Lord  3502 Powerful Persuasives
 3503 Joy In Salvation  3504 Following Christ
 3505 A Miracle of Grace  3506 What Self Deserves
 3507 Our Lord's Solemn Enquiry  3508 Light at Evening Time
 3509 Coming to Christ  3510 The Fainting Soul Revived
 3511 The Battle of Life  3512 Are You Mocked?
 3513 Christ's Marvellous Giving  3514 A Prospect of Revival
 3515 The Fruits of Grace More From Spurgeon Later
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