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"Jesus At The Well"

Written By Holy Land Traveler In 19th Cent.

By William M. Taylor, D.D.
First Published In 1800's
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WEBMASTER'S NOTES: This 128 page book, first published in the late 1800's, was written by William Mackergo Taylor, who lived from 1829 to 1895 before going on to his eternal reward. He had traveled widely in the Holy Lands, back when it was difficult and sometimes unsafe, to travel there. It was also much less convenient or physically pleasant traveling then, than now, and of course took much more time.

Being a beloved pastor, he took the insights gained from his Holy Land travels and experiences and applied them to writing many popular expository books (and to preparation of his sermons) most based on incidents and characters from the Bible.

I believe reading this book (and many of his others) on Bible characters and Bible subjects will be time well spent, and recommend it! You may read it on screen, or print it out in whatever typeface you need to read comfortably on paper. - JHD.

 Part I - Jesus At The Well - The Living Water, John 4:1-14
An exposition of the planned encounter of Jesus with the Samaritan woman at the well (Greek for "sir" also sometimes defined as "Lord" in Strong's).
 Part II - Jesus At The Well - The Place, Object And Nature Of True Worship - John 4:15-26
The Samaritan woman's request interpreted as a prayer, which Jesus answered in His wonderfully wise and glorious way.
 Part III - Jesus At The Well - The Sower And The Reaper - John 4:27-42
When the disciples returned, they were shocked and surprised that Jesus was speaking to the Samaritan woman in public.
 My daughter in law, Gail Dearmore, typed this one for me from my old copy of this book. We plan to post more of Wm. Taylor's Stories And Expositions From Bible Events and Characters Soon On Gospel Web. I have several very old copies of his books in my Library. - JHD.

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