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225. The Pattern Of Love.

Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it. - Ephesians 5:25

THE love of Christ to his church is the pattern for husbands.

It should be a pure, fervent, constant, self-sacrificing love.

The conduct of Jesus was the best proof of his love: He "loved the church, and gave himself for it."

Our conduct should be the genuine outcome of our love.


He loved his own church with ---

1. A love of choice and special regard.

2. A love of unselfishness. He loved not hers, but her.

3. A love of complacency. He calls her, "Hephzibah, my delight is in her."

4. A love of sympathy. Her interests are his interests.

5. A love of communion. He manifests himself to his chosen bride.

6. A love of unity. A loving, living, lasting union is established.

7. A love of immutable constancy. He loves unto the end.

II. HOW HE PROVED HIS LOVE. "Gave himself for it."

1. He gave himself to his church by leaving heaven and becoming incarnate that he might assume her nature.

2. He gave himself throughout his life on earth by spending all his strength to bless his beloved.

3. He gave himself in death, the ransom for his church.

4. He gave himself in his eternal life: rising, ascending, reigning, pleading all for the church of his choice.

5. He gave himself in all that he now is as God and man, exalted to the throne, for the endless benefit of his beloved church.


It is set before us as a love, which should influence our hearts.

We should think of it ---

1. In a way of gratitude, wondering more and more at such love.

2. In a way of obedience, as the wife obeys the husband.

3. In a way of reverence, looking up to love so great, so heavenly, so perfect, so divine.

4. In a way of holiness, rejoicing to be like our holy husband.

5. In a way of love, yielding our whole heart to him.

6. In a way of imitation, loving him and others for his sake.

Let us enter into the love of Jesus, enjoy it in our own hearts, then imitate it in our families.

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