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By Charles M. Sheldon
First Published In Late 1800's
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WEBMASTER'S NOTE: This story brings in a touching and realistic fashion, a story written in the late 1800's. Every portion of the story is concerned with the idea of "what would Jesus do" in every event or affair of life. The emphasis is kept on the idea of "walking in His (Jesus) steps and doing as He would do in all matters!" It is well written, by Charles M. Sheldon, who was also the author of several other good early day books of Christian Fiction. This book helped popularize the expression WWJD, or "What Would Jesus Do?" I believe reading this book will be time well spent for any true believer or seeker, and recommend it! - JHD
 Chapter 1 - "In His Steps"  Chapter 2 - "In His Steps"  Chapter 3 - "In His Steps"
 Chapter 4 - "In His Steps"  Chapter 5 - "In His Steps"  Chapter 6 - "In His Steps"
 Chapter 7 - "In His Steps"  Chapter 8 - "In His Steps"  Chapter 9 - "In His Steps"
 Chapter 10 - "In His Steps"  Chapter 11 - "In His Steps"  Chapter 12 - "In His Steps"
 Chapter 13 - "In His Steps"  Chapter 14 - "In His Steps"  Chapter 15 - "In His Steps"
 Chapter 16 - "In His Steps"  Chapter 17 - "In His Steps"  Chapter 18 - "In His Steps"
 Chapter 19 - "In His Steps"  Chapter 20 - "In His Steps"  Chapter 21 - "In His Steps"
 Chapter 22 - "In His Steps"  Chapter 23 - "In His Steps"  Chapter 24 - "In His Steps"
 Chapter 25 - "In His Steps"  Chapter 26 - "In His Steps"  Chapter 27 - "In His Steps"
 Chapter 28 - "In His Steps"  Chapter 29 - "In His Steps"  Chapter 30 - "In His Steps"
 Chapter 31 - "In His Steps"  Enjoy Our Free E-books And Other Items, Tell Your Friends, And Pray For The GospelWeb!
Each chapter is wonderfully encouraging, in a practical fashion, to always in life ask "What would Jesus do?" and then try in every way to walk "In His Steps."
 Here are the titles of some books written by Charles M. Sheldon: "The Twentieth Door"; "The Crucifixion of Philip Strong"; "His Brother's Keeper"; "Richard Bruce"; "John King's Question Class"; and "In His Steps". I am not familiar with all of them, but I do have several which my daughter in law, Gail Dearmore, has typed for me from my old copies of the books. We have posted a copy of "John Hardy's Seven Days" and "John King's Question Class" on the Gospel Web also. - JHD.
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